Different Types of Adhesive Tapes and Their Uses

It is not surprising to know that there are numerous specialty tapes,besides from commonly used tapes like duct tape or protective tape,which have their own uses. Some of different adhesive tapes that hold numerous uses are:

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) tape:Bopp tape is transparent,brown or crystal clear tape that is backed with high grade water based adhesive which makes it suitable for tight carton sealing and heavy bundling. It has non-irritant and excellent adhesion properties that help in easy detection of pilferage and tampering of cartons.

Some companies print their logo for global advertising that enhances the brand identity which makes it printed tapes. It can retain its color along with visual appearance as cartons have to travel across continents and intense climate zones.

Masking Tape:It is a thin tape,easy to tear that is commonly used for packaging of cartons. It is also used at spray paintings that cover areas which are not to be painted. It is made from semi-saturated crepe paper and natural latex rubber based adhesives as it provides highest adhesion. It can withstand medium to high temperature that makes it suitable for commercial purposes as well like metal preparations,coatings or paintings. It is extremely flexible that brings it use for labeling test samples in laboratories. It is easy to write on due to its texture similar to a paper.

Freezer tape:It is milky white adhesive tape that is primarily used for fixing and sealing refrigeration coils. It is used by cold merchandizing equipment manufacturers and cold storage owners for food packaging in different units.

Filament Tape:It is high-cohesive rubber adhesive tape reinforced with fiber glass filaments that provides high tensile strength. It is also called as strapping tape as it is used for pipe and metal strapping or palletizing. It is available in jumbo rolls or custom slit rolls that come in both mono (unidirectional glass scrim) and cross (bidirectional glass scrim) varieties.

Aluminum Foil Tape:These tapes are used in heat,ventilation and air-conditioning industry for sealing off vapor in ducting systems,thermal conductivity and chemical resistance. It is highly comfortable on irregular surfaces because it is made from strong solvent-based acrylic adhesive with a release liner.

Foam Tape:It is used for mounting,cushioning of window and other varieties of construction area. It is also used to control noise and sound vibration in order to provide barriers to dust and moisture.

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