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Another popular one of the nut beads is the kukui nut beads, which come from the Hawaiian Kukui tree, which is the state tree of Hawaii. The nuts have been used for a different number of purposes that include consumption and combustion as it contains various oils. When dried it is hard enough to be drilled and Hawaiians have used the nuts to make the traditional leis that are worn around the neck.

The candlenuts as they are sometimes called resemble walnuts, but are grown in pods and the thick and hard shells allow the nuts to be polished and carved into different shapes. In Hawaii, the nuts are sanded and polished and coated black, and there is some mythology associated with the kikui tree. It can be much more that beauty and whimsy, as the nuts are known to last almost indefinitely, and the energy that they are believed to carry; can be passed on to different generations.

It is easy to use nut beads if you are concerned with the environment. You can create interesting and attractive create charms and pieces that include the historical, cultural mystique and mythological significance.

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