Whether you need handheld or computer based car diagnostic tool

Without question, using the professional car diagnostic tool can speed up the maintenance and repair work and make it easier. So it is quite obviously that one of the most important equipments a professional mechanic has in his toolbox is the car diagnostic tool. The car diagnostic tool can be handheld and computer-based, and the handheld one like code scanner is not only used by the mechanics in the service garage, but it is also used by the car owners at home. Besides, the computer-based car diagnostic tool is usually more professional in the competency.

Handheld car diagnostic tool

The handheld car diagnostic tool is quite portable enough for the users to carry it to anywhere they want, and the code reader is undoubtedly the best instance, such as the MemoScan WL320 Wireless Can OBD2 Memo Scanner. This wireless memo scanner is available for all the OBD2 cars and OBD2 light trucks which are produced after 1996, including the VPW, PWM, ISO, KWP 2000 as well as the CAN protocols.

By using the WL320 auto diagnostic memo scanner, the users can read and clear the generic and manufacturer specific diagnostic trouble code, read the freeze frame data, test IM/reading status, read car information and rescan vehicle data. Additionally, this Memo Scanner supplies both handled terminal and auto terminal.

Computer-based car diagnostic tool

The computer-based car diagnostic tool can usually be used to do both the diagnosis and module programming works, and the BMW ICOM is one of the best instances both the senior automobile enthusiasts and mechanics like to use.

The BMW ICOM is special-purpose car diagnostic tool for BMW vehicles, the users can use it to do whether the older or the newest BMW car models. Since the new BMW F series of vehicles cannot be diagnosed and programmed by the old BMW GT1, but only by the BMW ICOM, so the BMW ICOM has become the necessity to the mechanics to do the BMW cars. Now, the BMW ICOM A2 is on hot sale on the market. Do you need one?

(Solved) BMW ICOM A2 show voltage 11.33 unable to program

Several days ago, I send the following email to uobd2.net engineer, with BMW ICOM A2 low voltage problem when do programming. This mail content as follows:
When I use BMW ICOM A2 do programming, car engine off or on, shows lower voltage. I have tried with other ISID too, virtual and native on DELL D630.Reported values by ICOM A2 with engine off 11.3 , with engine on 12.8
I have tested other BMW diagnostics tool, it shows good voltage.
BMW reprogramming requires at least 13V, so I’m unable to do programming, I guess if I use other car for supply voltage to my car, will not be enough too.
Is there a firmware fix or else for this ICOM A2? Is hardware fault?

You need to get one additional MST-80 Voltage Regulator Diagnostic Tool, when you use BMW Diagnostic Tool to program BMW, it will use almost 3 hours or more, show low battery is inevitable, connect to a MST-80 with a Battery Charger and Stability Voltage Equipment to keep ICOM A2 stable voltage. More details about MST-80 please click the pic below: