The Advantages of Aluminum Plastic Laminated Tube

At present, there are many different kinds of beautiful daily-use cosmetics on the market in the world. All of them are using of a variety of tube packaging materials.

For example, most cleansing products use plastic tube packaging, hairdressing products use plastic tube packaging in column shape, cosmetic skin care products usually use glass bottle/jar, plastic tube or plastic box packaging. There are some products use plastic bags.

What is aluminum laminated tube? Aluminum laminated plastic tube is a new style of plastic tube with tough material and high barrier performance, beautiful shape and good restore performance. It is now widely applied as the packaging of cosmetics, medicine, food, and chemical products etc. The kind of Aluminum laminated plastic tube is adopting the composite material of PE at the inner and outer sides while with a layer of Aluminum foil in the middle.

This kind of tube can prevent contents spread outward, and effectively prevent external light, water vapor and oxygen or other chemical composition of the intrusion and have the ability to resist corrosion. In this way, it ensures that the content product is not affected by the external environment and the product life is prolonged.

Aluminum plastic laminated tube usually have following advantages:

1. Excellent fragrance and fresh keeping performance

100% prevent the flow of oxygen. The material strength is high with reasonable structure. It is thicker and greatly improved with the compressive strength, tensile, cold resistance and heat resistance.

2. To prevent air back flow function

3. The product shape recovery performance is strong. Because of the product outer thicker plastic, make its elasticity is good. It is restorable after squeezing. It is nondeformable, wrinkleless, and keeping round appearance.

4. The tube body is testable and designable.

Due to this kind of tubes is using metal aluminum material for the inner layer, the outer plastic can be joined all kinds of master batch, such as bead light, colorful, transparent color, translucent color, solid color, etc to adjust the color. It makes the products keep the natural metallic feature, while creates a rich and colorful bright red metal, gold metal, purple metal, blue metal, green metal and other metal colors. Even if they don’t use metal color and use some other color instead, the bright silver in the bottom layer can set off the outer colors better, brings the appearance more fresh and more alive.

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