Advanced Technique Plastic Tubes Packaging

Plastic pipe Because of its light weight,corrosion resistance,appearance,no bad smell,easy processing,easy construction and other characteristics,in construction gained more and more widely used. With an abundance of beneficial uses that touch every aspect of modern society,it also serves as an essential component in the materials handling and manufacturing sectors. Plastic tubes,in particular,are responsible for numbers of functions in a vast range of industries,including pharmaceutical,cosmetics,Dental,Hair care Products,food products.

Packaging tubes manufacturers should produce go green tubes from Sugarcane for Personal Care,Food packaging,Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals and also incorporated many integrated waste management techniques into daily business practices in an effort to help improve and protect the environment.

Plastic Tubing Applications:


In this fashion-driven market,the appearance of cosmetics packaging takes precedence but the cosmetic products are destined outer parts of the body;their packaging must give the protection and innocuousness on a micro-bio logical and allergic level.


Packaging tubes have become widely used for the Toothpaste Industries. Plastic packaging with high quality layer,barrier coated co-extruded tubes need to be used as aggressive ingredients such as fluoride found in Toothpaste.

Types of plastic tube caps:

Flip top cap:

An innovative tamper evident flip top cap for plastic tubing helps guarantee the safety of a product. The Flip Top Caps which is latest in the market. It has various advantages: Their opening is aligned with the front panel; the caps once fitted cannot be tampered and has better looks in comparison to normal flip top caps.

Screw cap:

Plastic tubes with a Screw cap, which guarantees complete leak tightness and retains the cap during all handling such as transport, centrifugation and storage.