How to Choose the Right Lighting

With the lighting market matures,the style of LED lights is more and more gorgeous. Consumer choice,are often confused by those flashy lights on the market. Though the Crystal Light is beautiful,but after a long time,the dirt falling on the crystal not only affects the appearance,but also affect the refraction of light effects,it should be carefully chosen.

When we purchase the lamps,the brightness is not only considered,but color temperature can also be considered different color temperatures can cause different psychological reactions. The color temperature of the bulb the regular manufacturers produced is indicated on the packaging,the common color temperature is 2700k,which is characterized by feeling warm light but not bright and is enough for the bedroom nightstand,lamp and other local lighting;3000k is the color temperature that is the closest to the natural light,it belongs to warm light illumination is not only warm but bright and is suitable for the living room and other open spaces;3400k is white light and belongs cool light,it can make us concentrate and is suitable for office,study and other places.

Lamps required on environmental

The environmental performance can not be ignored when we purchase Lamps. On the one hand the color temperature of the light itself has a psychological role of environmental protection,the right color temperature can make people feel comfortable. On the other hand lamp is energized,regardless of whether the heat is emitted,it also has a magnetic field,or if the lamp shade is not wrapped in natural materials,it will certainly be contaminated. Currently incandescent is being gradually banned,LED lamps because of their own,no heat,more relatively environmentally friendly,but other parts of the LED light should also be paid attention to.

The LED lighting as the third generation of high-tech semiconductor lighting that is known as energy saving and environmental protection in addition to providing the simple lighting,but also combine with the fashion design,electronic technology,art,agriculture,medicine and other fields to give us the more efficient service and the unique visual experience,and LED lighting can be seen everywhere in our lives,especially the LED flood light as the decorative outdoor lighting,due to the unique octahedron and the bright light irradiation range and waterproof,dustproof,long service life enjoys a great popularity in our city squares,parks,stadiums,large commercial buildings and hotel exterior,fountain,the station. Lead lighting adopts high brightness and integrated COB as the light source of the LED flood light and low voltage constant current driver which fully guarantee the light intensity and brightness,and convert the alternating current into direct current,greatly improving the utilization of energy and reducing the waste into heat and strobe effect stimulating the human eye AC bring.

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