An Introduction To The New Product-K Helical Bevel Geared Motors

The wide uses of gears in industry are well known, it is play an important role in transport, machine and many places we see or not see. However, most of us may not know their construction and function. Today, we’ll have a introduce to our new product -K Helical Bevel Geared Motors, include the characteristics, construction and uses.


K series helical bevel speed reducer is widely used in high-speed and heavy-load machinery, it can meet different requirements in various industries. Because of the great uses, helical bevel speed reducer are required to made in high quality, the manufactures of K helical bevel geared motors also be strengthful and honesty. SHANGHAI TORK DRIVE EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is one of a famous domestic enterprise, engaged in research, manufacture and sales of Parallel shaft gearbox, Helical bevel gearboxes, geared motors, speed reducer, helical gearbox, gearbox and speed variator. It is a member of China Gear Wheel Association.


High quality helical bevel geared motors must have superior technologies, the torque range TORK geared motors can up to 50,000Nm, their input power rating between 0.12kw to 160kw, ratio is 5.36 to 16000. This type products input configuration use EC-normalized motor adapter, IEC-normalized motor and solid shaft shaft with key-way, output configuration use hollow shaft. For mounted solution, we suggest to use foot mounted.


Then, I’ll tell the characteristics of K Helical Bevel Geared Motors. For housing material, bevel geared motors manufacturers use HT250 high-strength cast iron, the hardness is HBS190-240. Gear material, we adopt 20CrMnTi alloy steel, it is very strong to stand different pressure, the surface hardness of gears use HRC58-62, and gear core hardness is HRC33-40. Input / Output shaft material is 42CrMo alloy steel, input / output shaft hardness is HRC25-30. The way of heat treatment, K Helical Bevel Geared Motors are using tempering, cementite, quenching, etc, they are accurate grinding by 6-5 grade. The backlash less than or equal 20Arcmin, and the vibration less than or equal 20µm.


The introduction of k helical bevel geared motors end of here, if you have any question, please contact us and you can also visit our official website to search for the products you want to buy.


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