How To Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinets

Upgrading a kitchen adding new cabinets is the perfect way to improve you lives in the home. Deciding on a new type of kitchen cabinets can be a daunting task. There are so many woods,styles, and finishes to choose from, not to mention the hardware. Fortunately, there is tried and true systematic way of deciding on one area at a time that takes worry out of the picture.

1. Select Your Style

The first step in choosing your ideal kitchen cabinets is to figure out what look you want your new cabinets to have,and what overall effect you want them to have on your kitchen. Look through pages of home magazines and books of kitchen styles to find kitchen cabinets that you like. Decide if you want something muted,stand-out,country kitchen,clean and modern,and so forth.

Knowing ahead of time what your design preferences are will make it a lot easier to decide what you like. You’ll probably notice you favor a certain style over,and that will help you to narrow down the choices to a few specific designs.

2. Choose Your Wood

The wood you select for your kitchen cabinets is about much more than just light or dark. Some of them you wouldn’t dream of applying paint to,while others (often less expensive woods) can be thickly coated with lacquers and pigments without a second thought. Some woods, such as walnut and ebony, are much more expensive than others. Birch is not as pricey but does not always give you a uniform stain. Mahogany is very dark and looks best in a formal kitchen. Cherry is elegant and can be stained in many shades.

3. Decide On A Finish

You have three main options for the finish on your kitchen cabinets. You can leave the wood its natural color and have the cabinets varnished,you can have a stain added to give them color but allow the grain to show through,or you can have them painted,which will create almost any color but hide the grain. If you want your kitchen cabinets to look as natural as possible,varnish may be ideal.

If you want a deeper, darker color with the pattern of the wood to be visible, staining might be your best choice. If you want a modern Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets with everything, uniform color,painting could be the path for you. Choosing new kitchen cabinets for your home doesn’t have to be a difficult process. creativity will allow you to make a decision on what will look best in your home with relative ease.