The Advantages Of Hardened Gear Gearboxes

It is very common see in machinery industry, Hardened Gear Gearboxes usually mainly used for the central driving mill. Central driving cement mill is new type of gearbox with feature of low speed, heavy duty, Gears are made of high strength low carbon alloy steel, and carburizing and quenching processes are applied. Hardness on tooth surface reaches HRC54-62.

The configuration of this series reducers are center drive and two or three-stage in accordance with different speed ratios. The reduction ratio is 20-110. The max transmission power is 4000KW. Normally, the motors whose rotation speed is 750, 990 and 1480r/min are adopted.

The advantages of these series reducers are compactness, small size, light weight, high precision, high load capacity, high efficiency, long service life, high reliability, stable transmission and low noise are the main features.

The High-grade alloy case-hardened steel is used for manufacturing all driving gears of the reducer. ZLY Series Gearbox Manufacturers can ensure the products quality, the surface of each gear has been cemented, hardened and ground, so it has high precision and loading capacity. The Thin-wall sliding bearings and eccentric sliding bearings with multi-degree of freedom are used, thus its installation and adjustment can be easily done, and the accuracy of gear engagement be guaranteed.

The Main Reduction Gears is a cylindrical gear-driving device with its parallel shaft being involutes. Since a layout of power shunting and synchronous transmission gear system, which can adjust the load of each gear, is adopted, it possesses the features of compact structure, small size and lightweight. The housing of reduction gear is welded and its appearance is simple and beautiful.

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