gift bags from paper bags

Brown paper bags are common packaging materials for department stores, restaurants and grocery stores. They can also be designed nicely for high-end designer stores or be used as decorative gift bags. Brown bags can be made thicker to hold heavy items. These packaging materials can also be used for arts and crafts and can be turned into artwork.

Gift bags are used to hold small presents for birthdays and other occasions. It will require less effort to wrap gifts if you just place them in nicely decorated brown paper bags. You can create your own gift brown bag by using basic craft supplies like scissors, curling ribbons, glue, printed scrapbook papers, brown paper bags with handles, and trimmings of your choice.

Cut 2 pieces of scrapbook paper into the same size as one side of the brown bag. Attach 1 scrapbook cut out to one side of the brown bag and glue the other cut out on the opposite side. Do the same procedure to the two remaining sides and attach 1 piece of scrapbook cut out on the front and another one at the back of the brown bag.

Now, cut a 1-1/2 long strip of curling ribbon and place the ribbon on top of one of the blades. Pull the ribbon tightly across the shears to make the ribbon curly. Attach the curly ribbons around the handles of the Brown paper bags. You can attach the ribbons with glue or tape. To make them more secure, you can also tie the ribbons to the handles.

To make the bags look more like gift bags, add more embellishments like stickers, paper or plastic flowers, rhinestones and other adornments you can find at craft stores. Pick embellishments that are not too heavy so that the paper bags wona€?t be weighed down. If you want your gift bags to look classy, use silk flowers instead of plastic or paper flowers.

Confine the embellishments to the front and back of the bags. Placing delicate decorations on the sides of the bags will subject them to damage when the bags are folded. Use thick kinds of brown bags so they can hold up to the weight of the embellishments. Check the handles on the bags to make sure they are well secured to the bag.

If you plan to make a lot of gift bags from paper bags, you should buy the brown bags from a packaging supplier to get good prices for them. You will also have a hard time looking for big volumes of brown bags at a supermarket. Search for packaging suppliers that also supply bags. You can ask your neighborhood grocery store or restaurant where they order their paper bags.

You can also look for packaging suppliers on the internet. If you are buying paper bags in large amounts, you should look for the best price. Packaging suppliers may also give you discounts for buying items in bulk. Visit packaging company websites and compare their prices and types of brown paper bags..
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