Installation of the Garage Door Weather Strips

Because the garage is usually built attached to the home,the cool air generated from the air conditioner may leak through gaps around the garage door. The garage door weather strip will keep air from leaking out,making the garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Besides conserving energy,it can help keeping the garage clean. No longer do you have to worry about water entering the garage because this weather strips will prevent any incoming rain,snow,dirt,snakes and rodents from entering underneath the doors.

If the garage door weather-strip is malfunctioning,it can be taken care of right away. The entire work can be taken care of in just a few hours’ time and can be easily done in the weekend or by returning home early from work. Having a weather strips at the bottom of the garage door is really helpful in preventing the cold wind from entering the garage in the cold winter months. It keeps the rain and snow out as well and is a major factor in maintaining the insulation of the home and most important – it also helps to reduce the electricity bills.

Measure where you’ll be mounting the weather strip by lifting the garage door up to the chest level. This way you can have a proper look and adjust the strip to the proper position. Mark it with a mark tape or a clamp. Unroll the strip and make sure the length is about the right size. While positioning the strip,make sure that its overhang doesn’t extend to the outside. If it does so,the extension would hit against the garage doorframe and you may end up spending time trimming it.

Once done it is necessary to maintain the strips so that a repair again in the near future will not be required. It is of great advantage to use silicone grease on the weather strips to keep it in place. A regular check is to be maintained. Now as we see it is quite an easy task to repair the weather-strip but it often happens that we are so pressed for time that doing such a simple task becomes difficult and we need to look out for a repair agency that can take care of the concern. There are companies that carry out such repairs and also take care of maintenance and so we can easily hire them. Licensed technicians are attached with these vendors and we can count on them as they are well trained professional who give their best service for the cost we bear. It would not be surprising to find that often sensible deals are offered by the vendors which include discounts,regular maintenance,accessories and a lot more. There are plenty of such service providers available and to have a better idea of the services they offer we can always check information about them from the internet and we can also check with the dealers who are concerned with the sale of garage doors.