Understanding the electronic cigarette

1: What is an electronic cigarette? Electronic cigarette can quit smoking?

Electronic cigarette is the use of electricity shorting resistance wire heating to evaporate the oil smoke smoke devices. Electronic cigarettes can completely replace the burning cigarettes, as smoking cessation depends on personal habits and needs.

You can find an electronic cigarette products: electronic cigarette bagua mod stainless steel

bagua mod advantages:

(1).Very strong shape design, idea from traditional Chinese stuff

(2).510 thread, compatible with most atomizers or cartomizers in the market

(3).Color: white-chrome, golden-chrome

(4).You can use18350/18650 battery, extendable body to fit different size of b

2: Electronic cigarettes harmful? Oil smoke harmful?

According to the material used in the evod e-cig starter kit and smoke oil into view electronic cigarette burn type of cigarettes more than health and safety, the analysis of what the results of the fiber rope except accidentally enters the body of an unknown yet to find out what is unsafe . Electronic cigarette smoke are water vapor, without any harmful substances and tobacco tar, so less pollution secondhand smoke, there will be unpleasant taste (unless smoke oil used poor quality), nor in the air conditioning room have any taste.

3: What is the composition of smoke oil is? Electronic cigarette works is kind of how?

Most components of smoke oil is glycerol (glycerine), propylene glycol, flavor or fragrance, nicotine (nicotine). Nicotine residence time in the body for 4-7 hours, then with the metabolism excreted (pee). Electronic cigarette works is very simple, resistance wire wound material is then powered to guide oil resistance wire (heating wire) to make a short circuit generates heat to evaporate the oil produced tobacco smoke through the battery.