What Is Best E-cig Mechanical Mod?

Ehpro Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized professional supplier of mechanical mods. I am glad to introduce you to Ehpro E-cig mechanical mod,which is one of the newest and most popular products.


Before introducing our company Ehpro E-cig mechanical mod, we start to understand what is a mechanical mod?


We hear this word all the time in the vaping community. What separates a mechanical mod from a variable voltage mod? Here we will discuss the basics of a mechanical mod including functionality and safety.


A mechanical mod is a personal electronic cigarette/ vaporizer reduced to its simplest form. Its simplicity, however, does not take away from its performance in any way. Essentially, the mod provides a tubular compartment for your battery as well as a top and bottom cap to transmit power directly to your atomizer/tank. The firing mechanism is typically found in the bottom cap of your unit. The bottom cap is generally composed of a firing button, locking ring, spring/magnets, and a metal contact pin. The top cap is the part of the mod where your atomizer/tank is mounted. The top cap also has a metal pin which makes contact with the positive end of the battery and passed through the universal 510 threading where the atomizer is attached.


Our company’s Ehpro E-cig mechanical mod Nemesis Black is a high quality product, that through the CE, FCC and ROHS certifications. It has silver, black, yellow three colors to meet your needs in different colors.Best E Cig Mechanical Mods and Mechanical Mods Vape are waiting for your order!