The Great Uses Of Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox In Manufacturing

Are you looking for power for your production manufacturing? There are more and more power than would be needed in most food and bottling processing facilitates, this is the cycloidal speed reducer that can generate hundreds if not thousands of units of horsepower. Sometimes used to run mills in their entirety, these speed reducers have a special design. They run into problems however when they reach thermal maximums and fail. Precautions must be taken to protect these gears from the amount of heat they generate due to the nature of the power they are transferring.

The bevel helical gearbox and helical gearbox housing is usually made of close grain cast iron when the quantity required is more or structural steel. They are rugged, corrosion resistant and absorb shock and vibration. Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox has a lager application in paper industry, sugar industry, chemical industry and plastic industry etc. These Gearboxes are made of High Grade C.I. casting, with Aooly steel Hardened and Ground Gears. The Roller Bearings used are of best make to give frictionless output. These are available in one, two and three stange reduction with wide seletion of output Ratios. These units are available for Power ratings for upto 150 Kw.

The Way Of Helical Shaft Mount:

Helical Shaft Mount Reducers are built for the specific purpose of driving conveyors. Even though most Helical Gearbox output a tapered bore, these speed reducer – because they are only available as single reduction units that are very thin pieces of equipment – output a hollow bore in the gear set. These gear reducers can be count on to provide 200HP in almost every setting; however the gear’s actual ratio and size will have more determination on the maximum horsepower this device can provide.

The Way Of Helical Offset Shaft:

Helical Offset Reducers are very efficient reducers, and they typically lose only 3% or less of their power through each set of gears. Their shape is helical, but this gear’s input and output shafts are not in line with one another, hence the term “helical offset.” Thanks to this gear’s compact and efficient design, it is one of the less noisy reducers on the market.

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