Extremely beautiful and affordable

It happens to us all, the holiday shopping is going along swimmingly, when frantically, you discover that there is that one person on your list that it’s impossible to find the perfect gift for. An incredibly talented person who is gifted with the ability to create stunning, hand-made items that delight everyone.

The standard bath and body basket, scented candles, or easy gift card just won’t do, you need to find something that reflects the thoughtfulness, kindness and creativity of that special person. This year, why not give that crafty acquaintance personalized woven labels?

Extremely beautiful and affordable, a pre-designed woven label that includes the author’s printed name transforms each homemade gift he or she bestows into a timeless treasure, and can provide entrepreneurial inspiration.

A Made By label with intricately woven daisies is a fantastic way to encourage a friend who knows the ins and outs of sewing, and to support his or her talent with your gift. These garment tags produce a professional, finished look on any blouse, skirt, or accessory, and offer your friend the practical means for expanding her hobby.

Does your daughter have a decided flair for re-vamping vintage garments or adding gorgeous embellishments to hand-me-downs? Support your future fashion designer and foster her creative vibe with a leaf boarder woven garment label that proclaims “An Original”. The knowledge and experience she’ll gain will help instill financial responsibility and give her confidence.

How about a “Quilted By” or “Made for You” label that includes a charming assortment of woven baby toys across the top, for the grandmother in your life who excels in crafting magnificent blankets, bonnets, and baby clothes for every child in the family? She’ll be touched with your thoughtfulness, and you’ll be conveying how important her handcrafted heirlooms really are.

Perhaps you know someone who loves to work with yarn, stitching everything from organic cotton washcloths to cuddly huggables. Even if they have never considered labeling their creations, a “Knitted By” tag establishes the authorship and may offer the path to a new career by generating demand for their products.

Give someone a truly unique gift this holiday season by ordering personalized woven fabric labels. You’ll perfectly communicate your appreciation for their talents and maybe inspire then to start a new business.
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