Functional use car refrigerator

Car refrigerator means you can carry in the car freezer. Car refrigerator is popular on the international market in recent years, a new generation of refrigeration equipment, containers. Car refrigerator is a continuation of domestic refrigerators can be used semiconductor electronic refrigeration technology, but also through the compressor cooling. Generally smaller and less noise pollution. Just in the road in the power plug into the cigarette lighter hole, you can give the refrigerator to cool.

There are two kinds of car refrigerator on the market, one is the semiconductor car refrigerator, its principle is to rely on an electronic chip cooling, the use of special PN junction semiconductor material to form a thermocouple right, produce the Peltier effect, that is, through the DC cooling A new cooling methods. refrigeration temperature range of 5-65 degrees. The advantage of this refrigerator is both cooling and heating can, environmental protection, pollution, small size, low cost, no vibration at work, noise, and long life. The disadvantage is that the cooling efficiency is not high, cooling temperatures influenced by ambient temperature, cooling can not reach below zero, and the smaller capacity. Another car refrigerator compressor, the compressor is the traditional techniques of traditional refrigerator, cooling the temperature was as low as -18 degrees to 10 degrees. High cooling efficiency, energy ice, fresh, large volume, mainstream car refrigerator future direction of development. But this refrigerator heavier weight, convenient to carry, the higher the price. The world’s major producer of compressors compressor car refrigerator for Germany and Japan.

Generally, there are three types of car refrigerator. The first category is relatively early product, call the refrigerator may not be appropriate because it does not have the cooling function, only the insulation function, when used must be put in the fridge to be refrigerated frozen goods into the incubator, there are ice packs then placed in an ice pack, so to be able to keep frozen in a short time, the advantages of the refrigerator is no power, you know electric cars are on the oil exchange, the price is relatively low, the disadvantage is not long insulation, and a smaller space. The second category is the semiconductor car refrigerator. Refrigeration temperature range of -5 to 65 degrees. The advantage of this method is that not only heating but also cooling, small capacity. The third category is the compressor car refrigerator, big volume, mainstream car refrigerator future direction of development. The disadvantage is that the weight of the heavier, more power, domestic luxury car refrigerator compressor compressor mainly in Germany, better quality.

Car refrigerator can make people feel a hint of cool in the summer heat, but it must be clear that it’s lowest temperature, another thing to understand is that the semiconductor car refrigerator cooling effect is not obvious, cooling slowly, preferably in household refrigerators refrigerated or frozen stuff then move came.

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