About car air purifier description

Car air purifier, also known as car air purifier, car air purifier, means dedicated to purify the air in the car PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases (formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc.), odor, bacteria and viruses vehicle pollution and other air purification equipment. After the Industrial Revolution, many parts of the world to develop heavy industry, resulting in air quality plummeted, causing a serious threat to human health, including the famous “Los Angeles photochemical smog events.” To improve air quality, in addition to the introduction of long-term air-governance policies, many research institutions also actively develop air purification technology, the first time for consumers to experience healthy breathing. Of course, these techniques are not used at the start of the car. Experienced the concept of conversion for a longer period of time, when people realize that there are also serious pollution of the air inside the car, car air purification technology specifically for the car only gradually get attention. Many countries have strict control for car air quality. In this regard, on March 1, 2012, China has also introduced the “passenger air quality assessment in the Guide,” published this guide for car air purifier products in the country has played a significant role in promoting development. Not only domestic brands, many foreign brands have been landing in China market.

Car purifier purifier also called car or car air purifier, often generating circuit negative ion generator, micro fans, air filters and other system components by high pressure. It works as follows: Micro fan inside the machine (also known as the fan) so that air circulation inside the car, PM2.5 pollution of air through the machine inside the filter and activated carbon filter will filter all kinds of pollutants or adsorption, then after installed in the outlet of the negative ion generator (when working in high-pressure ion generator to generate negative high voltage direct current), will continue to air ionization, a large amount of negative ions, being sent out micro fans, form negative ions flow, to clean and purify the air of purpose.

Its type are: a filter-type car air purifier, car air purifier filter type can effectively clean dust, formaldehyde, benzene, bacteria and other harmful substances in the car. 2 electrostatic precipitator type car air purifier, electrostatic precipitator type car air purifier is the need to cooperate with other equipment in order to achieve efficient purification effect, because the electrostatic precipitator type car air purifier does not completely absorb and eliminate odors, but also unable to complete decomposition of toxic chemicals. Meanwhile, its purifying effect and purification efficiency will increase with the accumulation of suspended particles and decreasing the need for frequent cleaning dust collection plate to restore its effectiveness and efficiency, so the high maintenance costs. 3 ozone car air purifier ozone car air purifier is working principle is to produce ozone to purify the air inside out in order to achieve the effect of improving the air quality inside the vehicle. Although ozone has some effect on bacteria, especially for the amine, nicotine, and other bacteria. However, when using this type of car air purifier, should give due attention to the concentration of ozone inside, because if the ozone concentration is too high, will produce secondary pollution on human health hazards. 4 Car Plasmacluster air purifier, Car Plasmacluster air purifier using Plasmacluster Ion generator spraying a unique, safe Plasmacluster removing formaldehyde, benzene, bacteria, odors and allergens; sedan special driving skills, the use of the Coanda effect, so that Plasmacluster reach every corner of the compartments, purify not left corner; use up to 17,500 hours before about the need to change the ion generator.

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