How to choose nice aluminum alloy doors and Windows

With the rapid development of urban construction, many of the original environment is relatively quiet residential area, or a series of criss-crossed by four-lane viaduct surrounded around entertainment, film theater, the city’s construction and renovation projects cause serious noise pollution. To make home away from noise pollution, enabling them to live a quiet life, you need a “quiet family planning.”

In today’s increasingly the serious situation of the energy shortage, production the energy conservation, the environmental protection product has become the development direction of all walks of life. Statistics show that our country building energy consumption have accounted for 40% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, the energy conservation of the building has caused the government and the society to the universal attention. The energy conservation of the building is refers to save heating heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, building lighting energy consumption.

Due to the aluminum alloy doors and Windows light weight, beautiful, corrosion resistance, processing simple was the favour of people, but because of its heat insulation performance is bad, energy saving effect is poor, heat insulation performance is good, good energy saving effect of model steel profile have replaced the traditional aluminum alloy extrusion profiles lost his brilliance. Give full play to the model steel profile good effect of energy saving and aluminum alloy extrusion profiles of light weight, beautiful, corrosion resistance, processing the advantages of simple compound aluminum window extrusion profiles, is making already energy-saving and excellent function, accord with the social development direction of the doors and Windows of a new type of door window materials.

Kdsbuilding expert said: “the fifth generation of the new energy-saving Windows and doors profiles-new kdsbuilding doors and Windows aluminum composite is outside the aluminium alloy profile among, both sides is heat insulation body modification is more than PVC cavity. Its advantage is both the aluminum alloy high strength, light weight, beautiful, corrosion resistance, processing is simple, and the characteristics of the model steel profile heat insulation, have the very good insulation energy-saving effect.”