The Great Uses Of Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox In Manufacturing

Are you looking for power for your production manufacturing? There are more and more power than would be needed in most food and bottling processing facilitates, this is the cycloidal speed reducer that can generate hundreds if not thousands of units of horsepower. Sometimes used to run mills in their entirety, these speed reducers have a special design. They run into problems however when they reach thermal maximums and fail. Precautions must be taken to protect these gears from the amount of heat they generate due to the nature of the power they are transferring.

The bevel helical gearbox and helical gearbox housing is usually made of close grain cast iron when the quantity required is more or structural steel. They are rugged, corrosion resistant and absorb shock and vibration. Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox has a lager application in paper industry, sugar industry, chemical industry and plastic industry etc. These Gearboxes are made of High Grade C.I. casting, with Aooly steel Hardened and Ground Gears. The Roller Bearings used are of best make to give frictionless output. These are available in one, two and three stange reduction with wide seletion of output Ratios. These units are available for Power ratings for upto 150 Kw.

The Way Of Helical Shaft Mount:

Helical Shaft Mount Reducers are built for the specific purpose of driving conveyors. Even though most Helical Gearbox output a tapered bore, these speed reducer – because they are only available as single reduction units that are very thin pieces of equipment – output a hollow bore in the gear set. These gear reducers can be count on to provide 200HP in almost every setting; however the gear’s actual ratio and size will have more determination on the maximum horsepower this device can provide.

The Way Of Helical Offset Shaft:

Helical Offset Reducers are very efficient reducers, and they typically lose only 3% or less of their power through each set of gears. Their shape is helical, but this gear’s input and output shafts are not in line with one another, hence the term “helical offset.” Thanks to this gear’s compact and efficient design, it is one of the less noisy reducers on the market.

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The Advantages Of Hardened Gear Gearboxes

It is very common see in machinery industry, Hardened Gear Gearboxes usually mainly used for the central driving mill. Central driving cement mill is new type of gearbox with feature of low speed, heavy duty, Gears are made of high strength low carbon alloy steel, and carburizing and quenching processes are applied. Hardness on tooth surface reaches HRC54-62.

The configuration of this series reducers are center drive and two or three-stage in accordance with different speed ratios. The reduction ratio is 20-110. The max transmission power is 4000KW. Normally, the motors whose rotation speed is 750, 990 and 1480r/min are adopted.

The advantages of these series reducers are compactness, small size, light weight, high precision, high load capacity, high efficiency, long service life, high reliability, stable transmission and low noise are the main features.

The High-grade alloy case-hardened steel is used for manufacturing all driving gears of the reducer. ZLY Series Gearbox Manufacturers can ensure the products quality, the surface of each gear has been cemented, hardened and ground, so it has high precision and loading capacity. The Thin-wall sliding bearings and eccentric sliding bearings with multi-degree of freedom are used, thus its installation and adjustment can be easily done, and the accuracy of gear engagement be guaranteed.

The Main Reduction Gears is a cylindrical gear-driving device with its parallel shaft being involutes. Since a layout of power shunting and synchronous transmission gear system, which can adjust the load of each gear, is adopted, it possesses the features of compact structure, small size and lightweight. The housing of reduction gear is welded and its appearance is simple and beautiful.

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An Introduction To The New Product-K Helical Bevel Geared Motors

The wide uses of gears in industry are well known, it is play an important role in transport, machine and many places we see or not see. However, most of us may not know their construction and function. Today, we’ll have a introduce to our new product -K Helical Bevel Geared Motors, include the characteristics, construction and uses.


K series helical bevel speed reducer is widely used in high-speed and heavy-load machinery, it can meet different requirements in various industries. Because of the great uses, helical bevel speed reducer are required to made in high quality, the manufactures of K helical bevel geared motors also be strengthful and honesty. SHANGHAI TORK DRIVE EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is one of a famous domestic enterprise, engaged in research, manufacture and sales of Parallel shaft gearbox, Helical bevel gearboxes, geared motors, speed reducer, helical gearbox, gearbox and speed variator. It is a member of China Gear Wheel Association.


High quality helical bevel geared motors must have superior technologies, the torque range TORK geared motors can up to 50,000Nm, their input power rating between 0.12kw to 160kw, ratio is 5.36 to 16000. This type products input configuration use EC-normalized motor adapter, IEC-normalized motor and solid shaft shaft with key-way, output configuration use hollow shaft. For mounted solution, we suggest to use foot mounted.


Then, I’ll tell the characteristics of K Helical Bevel Geared Motors. For housing material, bevel geared motors manufacturers use HT250 high-strength cast iron, the hardness is HBS190-240. Gear material, we adopt 20CrMnTi alloy steel, it is very strong to stand different pressure, the surface hardness of gears use HRC58-62, and gear core hardness is HRC33-40. Input / Output shaft material is 42CrMo alloy steel, input / output shaft hardness is HRC25-30. The way of heat treatment, K Helical Bevel Geared Motors are using tempering, cementite, quenching, etc, they are accurate grinding by 6-5 grade. The backlash less than or equal 20Arcmin, and the vibration less than or equal 20µm.


The introduction of k helical bevel geared motors end of here, if you have any question, please contact us and you can also visit our official website to search for the products you want to buy.


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Various Types Of Clubwear In Different Occasion

Know which ones you look good in. Also the old adage is true black looks good on everyone but be sure to add a splash of color here and there. Some colors don’t work o some people and it’s not just an issue of skin tone. Some redheads look amazing in red- others don’t. If you aren’t sure ask a very honest friend or frienemy they will let you know.

Any woman put on the sexy lingerie will let you feel sexy. Believe that Christmas Costume can help you. The attractive color will make your lover excited.

At wedding night, hot red sexy club wear dress is a good choose. A bad taste underwear not only can’t help to you, but also affect your mood. The sexy lingerie is very tempting dress. A good sexy lingerie is the secret weapon for women’s beauty.

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Finally once you have the Golden Sexy Clubwear Dresses figured out you need to make sure that you have the right under glam. Skin tone undergarments are usually best. Some of us can go braless but some of us can’t if you fall into the latter category it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear all the styles you just need the right bra. The V bra is amazing for plunging necklines and low backs; the reveal bra works for backless styles. You’ll find a ton of other great bra alternatives in the Great Glam store. Also even if you are braless to avoid blinding everyone with your high beams when wearing sheer tops use dimrs- silicone nipple covers. Please don’t be a victim of VPL- visible panty lines. A skin tone g string works with almost anything but make sure it does not cut into your waist and give you the dreaded muffin top.

Mb Star C4 and Porsche Diagnostic Tool bring surprise to you

If you are determined to start a service garage, the first thing you should do is to invest some automotive diagnostic tools to the garage. If you are a car owner and determined to do some simple diagnosis even the DIY works by yourself, the first thing you should do is to buy the right car diagnostic tool. Unless you know nothing about either the car or the tool, it shouldn’t be hard to use it yourself. Before purchasing the tool, finding a reliable supplier is essential. Such as the BMW ICOM, Porsche Piwis tester 2 and MB Star C4 in plusobd are all superior to the one from other suppliers.

Keep the followings in mind:

Selection range of Porsche piwis tester 2 in plusobd is wider, because there are 4 choices of Porsche piwis tester 2 for consumers to choose: Porsche piwis tester 2 with Panasonic CF 31 laptop, with CF 30 laptop, with Dell E5430 laptop, as well as the HDD without diagnostic laptops, and the last combinations of Porsche Car Diagnostic Tool are exclusive to plusobd which cannot be found in other suppliers. Another competitive advantage plusobd has over other suppliers is its Porsche piwis 2 car diagnostic tool is not restricted by the 90 days timing lock.

The quality of the car Diagnostic Tool for Mercedes Benz in plusobd is more assured, because MB Star C4 is equipped with the best motherboard (covered in original brand new chips), and the interface applies the most advanced military quick-plug technology. In this way, both the stability and accuracy of the diagnosis results or the module programming process can be more assured by the benz c4 in plusobd. Besides that, the auto diagnostic software of the MB Star C3 in plusobd is also upgraded to the newest version, so as to widen the use range.

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About Ucandas and Vas 5054a Diagnostic Tool for VW Audi and other OBD2 cars

Are you looking for an affordable but functional car diagnostic tool recently? While in the selection of the automotive detection tools, both the price and the quality are quite important factors which need the buyers to think of, plus the various kinds of automotive diagnostic tools which are available for use on the current market, selecting the right one is not an easy thing as before. Today, the experienced Car Diagnostic Tool trader and manufacturer Lbhydiag will share some awesome but affordable equipments with you here.

Although the VDM UCANDAS wireless car detection system has been mentioned for many times, it is still quite highly recommendable and worth buying. Recreating the functions all other OEM car diagnostic tools have, automatically checking the model and year of the car, supporting wireless connection between car and diagnostic laptop via WIFI, supporting wired connection via USB, supporting all current vehicle models (Chinese, Asian, American, Australian, European, other OBD II cars ), supporting ISO 9141-2, K/L line, SAE-J1850 VPW, SAE-J1850 PWM, CAN ISO 11898, ISO15765-4 protocols, supporting high/medium/low speed CAN-BUS, single CAN-BUS auto diagnostic protocols are all the competitive advantages the VDM UCANDAS has over other universal car detection tools.

Vw Audi Diagnostic Tool Audi Vas 5054a is another affordable option to you, along with the powerful functions, it is now quite widely used by the service garages even by the automobile enthusiasts. The Audi vas 5054a is not only available for all the Volkswagen Group cars, but also available for all the other OBD2 vehicle system from other manufacturers.

The Vas 5054a Diagnostic Tool for VW Audi is developed as a universal interface which also supports the wireless connection between the diagnostic laptop and the car via its integrated Bluetooth just like what the VDM UCANDAS does via the WIFI. At the same time, the wired connection via USB cable can also be realized if you need.

User Experience With VAS 5054A

I received my VAS 5054A V2.0 from UOBD2. The tool cost me 79 dollars (shipping cost not included). Shipping took 10 days to US. The package arrived in good condition.

I got the unit for my Audi A4 2010 USA. It connected my car easily via Bluetooth and worked alright. I read and erased a trouble code from transmission system with the tool. It took me about 5 minutes to pull the trouble code.
However, the tool only supports Windows XP and is not compatible with other PC systems. So I had to go back to Windows XP and reinstall my computer system. A little bit inconvenient, but it was worth the effort. The tool worked fine with the PC system the seller provided.

Whether you need handheld or computer based car diagnostic tool

Without question, using the professional car diagnostic tool can speed up the maintenance and repair work and make it easier. So it is quite obviously that one of the most important equipments a professional mechanic has in his toolbox is the car diagnostic tool. The car diagnostic tool can be handheld and computer-based, and the handheld one like code scanner is not only used by the mechanics in the service garage, but it is also used by the car owners at home. Besides, the computer-based car diagnostic tool is usually more professional in the competency.

Handheld car diagnostic tool

The handheld car diagnostic tool is quite portable enough for the users to carry it to anywhere they want, and the code reader is undoubtedly the best instance, such as the MemoScan WL320 Wireless Can OBD2 Memo Scanner. This wireless memo scanner is available for all the OBD2 cars and OBD2 light trucks which are produced after 1996, including the VPW, PWM, ISO, KWP 2000 as well as the CAN protocols.

By using the WL320 auto diagnostic memo scanner, the users can read and clear the generic and manufacturer specific diagnostic trouble code, read the freeze frame data, test IM/reading status, read car information and rescan vehicle data. Additionally, this Memo Scanner supplies both handled terminal and auto terminal.

Computer-based car diagnostic tool

The computer-based car diagnostic tool can usually be used to do both the diagnosis and module programming works, and the BMW ICOM is one of the best instances both the senior automobile enthusiasts and mechanics like to use.

The BMW ICOM is special-purpose car diagnostic tool for BMW vehicles, the users can use it to do whether the older or the newest BMW car models. Since the new BMW F series of vehicles cannot be diagnosed and programmed by the old BMW GT1, but only by the BMW ICOM, so the BMW ICOM has become the necessity to the mechanics to do the BMW cars. Now, the BMW ICOM A2 is on hot sale on the market. Do you need one?

(Solved) BMW ICOM A2 show voltage 11.33 unable to program

Several days ago, I send the following email to engineer, with BMW ICOM A2 low voltage problem when do programming. This mail content as follows:
When I use BMW ICOM A2 do programming, car engine off or on, shows lower voltage. I have tried with other ISID too, virtual and native on DELL D630.Reported values by ICOM A2 with engine off 11.3 , with engine on 12.8
I have tested other BMW diagnostics tool, it shows good voltage.
BMW reprogramming requires at least 13V, so I’m unable to do programming, I guess if I use other car for supply voltage to my car, will not be enough too.
Is there a firmware fix or else for this ICOM A2? Is hardware fault?

You need to get one additional MST-80 Voltage Regulator Diagnostic Tool, when you use BMW Diagnostic Tool to program BMW, it will use almost 3 hours or more, show low battery is inevitable, connect to a MST-80 with a Battery Charger and Stability Voltage Equipment to keep ICOM A2 stable voltage. More details about MST-80 please click the pic below:

Features about car diagnostic tool Benz sd connect4

The new generation for Mercedes car diagnostic tools Benz SD connect C4 is the latest one on market for all current and new coming MB vehicles. SD connect is a Mercedes wireless multiplexer. It has VMware version which can fit all laptop.


Car diagnostic tool Sd connect is great, it is connected by wireless to computer, such a great convenient when do a diagnosis. It runs fast and also can support UDS protocol.


About price

Lots of clients would feel confused about our price, why we have to be a little more expensive than other. We think the main reasons as bellow:

1, Our Mercedes-Benz c4 with high quality of LED display unlike other without it

2, Includes a wireless LAN

3, Latest serial number, there is no time limit

4, Original chip to ensure the integrity of diagnosis and programming

5, products quality assurance, one year warranty, provide technical support.

We are strictly adherence to achieve the above points; in fact, most customers still choose tools with high quality, even though the price is more expensive


About MB SD C4 update and function

Q: How do I to update my software?

A: you can send your laptop or hdd back.

Q: how long it will be updated one time?

A: About two or three times for one year.

Q: Does MB SD C4 support SCN coding?

A: Our SD C4 hardware support offline programming, but the software needs to active (online account and password) and it may cost additional money.

Q: When I connect to Wireless Network Connection, I got the following display, what should I do?

A: Just ignore this message and follow our video tutorial to set.

Q: MB SD C4 could read chassis number for Smart 1998, but unable to test ECU after connected with the car.

A: It needs login password when test Smart, we have DAS SMART Calculator (Item No. ss27) to help calculate login password.


The difference of function between Compact 3 and Compact 4

1. Compact 4 support wireless diagnosis

2. Compact 4 support not only KL diagnosis and three lines CAN BUS diagnosis, but also UDS diagnostic treaty.

Because the board of Compact 3 didn’t contain UDS treaty chip, the hardware will be eliminated directly.

3. SD connect can do wireless diagnosis. Besides, it use Lan cable connection. So it can support more model computer.

4. Interface components used the military quickly inserted techniques that can support one million times plug, more stably.

5. All of the core components adopt new original packaged chip, plus 24 hours fatigue test, to ensure product stable release.

6. Support language: English, Germany, Franch, Italy, Spain, Portuguese, Finland, Denmark, Swedish and so on.

Our Mercedes star c4 diagnostic CONNECT are distinguished in its top quality. By focusing on its chip quality and cable materials, it works stablely both with cable and wifi.

To make sure it is 100% in good working, we will test it with car connection before shipment.

How To Get The Best Kitchen Decoration

Have you ever left a deep Impression of one’s kitchen because of great decoration?

As one of the most used stones, Granite has quality that it comes in many colors. Our range of Paradiso Granite Kitchen Countertops comes in industry standard qualities. Hardness, heat and scratch resistant, low maintenance and thousands of colors make granite the most demanded natural stone for both exterior and interior application.

There varieties of Granites available:

Absolute Granites: It is formed from liquid magma the molten rock still found at the core of the planet, cooled slowly to form a substance approaching the hardness and durability of diamond. It applied for exterior and interior of buildings: flooring tiles, wall cladding panels, countertop, garden pavers, and carvings and so on.

Black Galaxy: Black galaxy granite is best for flooring. These stones are hard and hence sturdy. These Black galaxy granite tile can be used for kitchen counter tops and bathroom vanity tops. Variation of black galaxy granite is medium. It is available in various dense to medium to light shades of black color with beautiful shiny silver or golden specks on it just like star-studded sky in the dark night.

Tan Brown: You will be given Tan Brown Granite as per your request immediately. Our Tan Brown Granite are available at most reasonable price and three types of choice.

Granites is engaged in offering recognized Granites. These Granites have an impressive look, soft texture and stronger than any other stones it fits for long term usage. Of course this will make you get more desirable material for designing your home.

Nothing will go beyond the natural beauty and elegance of the stone granite when compared to the installation of the granite tile kitchen countertop; nothing will go in depth and character. When you decided to remodel your kitchen, consult with the professional expert to show the samples and rich sophisticated textures and colors for granite tile kitchen countertops. From the lighter colors to the dark colors, you can choose the best perfect shade for your kitchen.

Best Quality Granite Tile And Stones For New Home Decor

There are many kinds of Granite Tile and Stones supplying online, if you are looking for countertop options for your kitchen, then there are a number of options including concrete, laminate, granite and ceramic. Ease of maintenance and durability are the biggest factors that help you decide the material for the kitchen countertop. Granite countertops are the perfect choice for the purpose. And, as a supporting fact, granite tiles are most commonly used for the purpose. If you ask whether granite is the best and the safest option or your kitchen countertop, the following lines will help you eliminate any kind of doubts.

Granite is not only the hardest of all natural stones materials; it’s resistant to staining, scratching and heat exposure. It’s natural, elegant and uniquely colored. All of these features make granite an ideal natural stone material for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces and high-traffic flooring applications.

The Ouyi Building Materials Co., Ltd is committed to the stone building decoration manufacturer. Set stone design, production and sale of one-stop integrated joint-stock enterprises, leading products: traditional carved temples, historic building restoration, urban sculpture, landscape and other stone products, after years of production experience, the technological content of products and comprehensive strength of the company are listed on the forefront of the industry, with the export and domestic market, the quality of credit to get the majority of merchants praise. Marble floor tiles from China are exported all around the globe, the process from quarrying to final supply to the client is a painstaking process involving a lot of complex and specialized activities.

Natural stone products like marble tiles, granite tiles and sandstone slabs have uses which are quite different from each other. Granite floor tiles are most popular but that is obviously not the only use it is put to. Marble, granite or sandstone suppliers know all about the qualities of these stones and many times they even advise the potential clients on choosing a particular stone. Sandstone slabs are most useful for those construction works in which its natural beauty can find an expression. The beauty of marble is well known and too well documented to need any more elaboration.

Our Granite Tile is available in huge variety of patterns and colors, Padang Impala Grey Color Granite and Dark Grey Granite for Polished Flamed Tile is on sale now with great discount, we also offer Santa Cecilia Granite Tile for Wall Stone Paving, if you have any other requirement, you can visit our official website, and there are many kinds of best quality Granite Tile and Stones waiting for you!