Custom Tote Bags For Giveaway

Custom Tote Bags For Giveaway

Monitoring trends in trade show promotional products, it’s easy to follow popular products like pens, key chains, calculators and mouse pads. Most people look for trade show items that attract a lot of attention like multifunctional key chains or flexible rubber calculators but a fascinating trend in promotional product marketing for trade shows is the innocuous tote bag.

Tote bags or totes, as they are referred to colloquially, are currently the most widely used trade show items, their style and convenience makes them a favorite among promotional event goers. Some of the success of these seemingly ordinary items is due to the growing trend of environmental consciousness because the bags are reusable. Also, totes are items that people can always use more of whether it’s for grocery shopping, traveling or carrying to work. Here are some of the more popular tote items used for trade shows:

Cotton Tote Bags – Cotton is a natural fiber made from the cotton plant. Cotton is an extremely soft material and the fiber alone are very weak, they becomes incredibly strong when woven together into a fabric. That makes these bags strong enough to carry heavy items but still soft to the touch.

Jute Tote Bags – Jute totes are the leading eco-friendly bags sold because they are made of plant fibers that are reusable and 100% environmentally friendly. Those trying to show their company’s compassion and environmental consciousness have had great success with Jute Tote Bags.

Lunch Bags and Cooler Totes – Totes are not typically insulated but insulated totes keep perishable items fresh for hours and hours. These insulated totes are ideal for the corporate setting where there’s a growing trend of taking a lunch from home to work.

Tote bags are part of a growing trend of reusable product popularity. Reusable products are socially conscious and good for the environment. Tote bags have the potential of replacing hundreds of disposable plastic and paper bags used by just one person-a-year. These items are not only environmentally friendly, they are also fashionable which only adds to their appeal and popularity..
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