high quality woven filter cloth

But aside from its role in garments and related fields, muslin also found a home in various areas, like making food. Muslin is used to filter the impurities of wine. When making juices, it is also used in separating liquid from mush. It also used in cheese making. After the milk has curdled, it is poured into a bag made of muslin, before it is squeezed.

In medicine, the gauze that doctors use to bandage patients is made from muslin.

Entertainment mediums make good use of this inexpensive cloth. It is widely used in theater to create various effects. Video productions paint blue or green on the fabric to create the bluscreens and greenscreens, which are used to add special effects.

Muslin is a versatile fabric that has found niches everywhere, even if it proved most popular in everything except what it was originally meant for, clothes.
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